My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years! Yes, we were married as toddlers ūüėČ We got pregnant with our first child just 6 months after we said “I do”! ¬†So, needless to say, there wasn’t much time for traveling, sight seeing, or date nights. ¬†In the past 14 years we have raised 3 children, moved twice (once to another state), earned graduate degrees, worked full time, and pursued many interests and hobbies. ¬†It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about the person you chose to create your life with! My husband and I are trying to make more time for our marriage and we were recently able to get away for the night while the grandparents watched the kids.

What an amazing night we had! We saw a show, enjoyed a cocktail hour, and enjoyed a romantic Italian dinner.  We just relaxed and enjoyed each others company.  We took stock in how each one of us was doing and what our goals were as individuals and as a couple.  It was a very refreshing time together.

Usually, we don’t do date nights because we want to spend time with our kids and it is so expensive to get a babysitter. ¬†We have made a vow to take advantage of free babysitting whenever we can get it, even if it’s just going to get a cup of coffee alone together. ¬†Take time for your relationship. ¬†Reconnect and remember that it was the two of you who started it all!