It is a nice and lazy Saturday morning in my house.  My husband is upstairs sleeping in and I’m downstairs with my two boys watching the movie Turbo.  I look over at my boys all smushed together on the same couch and my heart swells with love and gratitude.  You may wonder why I say gratitude, well my family is formed through adoption and with this there is a feeling of how lucky I am that I get to call these precious children my sons.  There is so much that I want to share with you friends about adoption, and I will in different posts.  Today though, my focus is on letting you know about an adoption documentary that does a wonderful job with opening the eyes of the viewers of how broken the system for international adoption is.  We personally survived and came through the other end of this broken system after almost 4 years of fighting for our oldest son.  It should not have taken this long and no child who is in an institution should have to suffer and be a victim like my son was, PERIOD.  We received the referral for our oldest son when he was 6 months old.  At that point, we thought he would be home with our family within a year.  We watched our son grow older and meet milestones through photographs that we received maybe once a month.  We heard about children in his orphanage getting pneumonia and having to go to the hospital, one child that we know of actually passed away during our wait.  This was such a trying time not being about to be there for our son; what we were able to do was fight for him and not giving up.  That was NOT an option, even though our government had sent us several letters and told us on phone calls to do exactly this.  We were told numerous times, that or adoption was not going to happen.  Please watch the documentary STUCK (free on Netflix) to know what is really happening in International Adoption.  Follow the Leroy family, for this is what we personally lived through too.  Their son was in the same orphanage as our oldest son.  We went through the fight along side this family.

And now, I am going to go over and cuddle with my kiddos :).