Do your kids have chores?  Do they get a weekly allowance?  I have played around with many different systems over the years.  My advice?


Yes, that’s right.  Keep. It. Simple.  No, I’m not saying you are stupid 😉

Can you believe I tried to make this?


Who am I kidding?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  I need a simple and effective way to get my kids to help out around the house!

(If you do have time for that you can find the tutorial on this beautiful chore chart here: :)

Here are some things that I have tried in the past.

1.  Tag Chore Chart from Happy Homes Doc.  

This cute little system was great when my boys were younger and really needed a visual and kinesthetic system to help them keep track of their chores.  This chart has seen better days, but you get the idea.  Mom or Dad can assign the chores to morning, noon, or night and the child can move them to the “I did it” pocket when complete.

photo 2


2.  Magnetic Chore Chart like this one available on Amazon.


3.  Online chore chart like one from Goal for it or My Job Chart.

My kids are very digital so they loved being able to log in and track their chores.

4.  Laminated chore chart like this one from

Chart 1

I like being able to laminate the chart and kids can check off their chores with a dry erase marker.  This one says “This is how I contribute to my family”.

I need to print out new charts because my kids used a sharpie on their old laminated charts :(  I found this website… and I love all the free printables here!

I am going to be using this chart:

photo other great printables for you to track your child’s screen time and teach table rules and social manners, etc.  Check it out!

This time around, I don’t think I will be laminating my charts.  I think I will just print new charts each week so I can customize them.  In general, here are the expectations for my children.

3 year old: Brush teeth, go potty, put clothes in basket, give dog food and water, clear the table, be kind to others, listen to mom & dad, pick up toys.

7 year old:  Brush teeth, make bed, clean room, put away laundry, empty trash cans, water plants, set the table, homework, be kind to others.

12 year old:  Brush teeth, make bed, clean room, walk dog, empty dishwasher, walk dog again, homework, be kind to others.

You can choose whether or not you will actually pay your kids to do their chores or if you simply expect that they have responsibilities around the house as part of being a family member.  In the past I have gotten crazy with tokens, a prize bucket, getting paid a certain amount per chore, you name it?  Now I simply pay my kids around $4 each week for their chores. Cash is the best incentive for my kids to get their work done!