I began practicing yoga at a studio about 7 years ago.  After the birth of my second child, I enrolled in an Itsy Bitsy Yoga class as a way to bond with my son.  I had never done yoga before and after the Itsy Bitsy Yoga class was over, I signed up for a beginning class in order to do something for myself.  I was instantly hooked!

There were breaks along the way, but for the most part, I took classes 2-3 times per week for almost 7 years.  I continued my practice throughout my third pregnancy and I even enrolled in the teacher training program!

Then an unexpected move, working full time, and raising children took it’s toll on me, and I completely abandoned my practice for about 8 months.  I knew I would return when the time was right.

I just happened to see a Facebook post mentioning a yoga studio I had never heard of before pretty close to my house.  I decided it was time to get back into my practice.

MangoFuel offers yoga classes, nutrition coaching, cooking classes, etc.  Megan Church, the owner,  is awesome.  I can’t help noticing the synchronicity of the whole situation.  I knew when the time was right the single most important thing to me in a new studio and teacher could be summed up in one word.  Positivity.  That pretty much sums up the MangoFuel studio and Megan Church. She is the real deal! Super sweet and positive person!

Part of me feels discouraged because I am out of shape and just can’t do the things I was once able to do.  But, Megan is completely non judgmental, encouraging, and fun and I am confident that once I start up a consistent practice I will be able to do this again, in no time at all 😉