You guys, time is just flying by so quickly for me right now!  Easter is next weekend and I have not put ANY effort so far into the traditional Easter activities.  Thankfully our neighborhood is having an Easter egg hunt today so I can check that off the list-ha!

Sometime this week, I will head to the store and purchase a big box of eggs for the boys to dye.  While there, I will also be adding purple cabbage, turmeric and yellow onions to the cart.  I am a strangely excited about these grocery items too.  We are going to make NATURAL food dyes for our Easter eggs this year!  My husband does not know this yet and it might end up being a train wreck of an experiment.  I sure hope not though!  I came across this idea of making your own dyes out of food on the Radiantly You blog and am loving the idea of not using those nasty little tablet dyes.  I love the vibrant colors that the natural dyes produce; you seriously need to check out the pictures that Radiantly You posted.  After we make ours, I’ll post pictures for you too.  Being that I have two little boys that will be making the Easter egg masterpieces, they probably will all end up the color brown…!Natural Food Dyed Eggs 2014