Have you guys tried Radiantly You, yet?  I have ordered several products and have loved every one of them.  I do have my favorites!

Favorite #1:

Healing Calendula Balm!  This balm contains unrefined shea butter, expeller-pressed coconut oil, calendula infused pomace (olive oil), and beeswax.  This balm will heal, moisturize, and soothe any skin issue.   I love to put it on my elbows before bed time :)

Favorite #2:

All Natural Counter Spray! I am a bit surprised that I like this counter spray so much.  I have always made my own spray with water, vinegar, and lemon oil.  I really think this counter spray does a better job than my homemade spray on the stovetop!  It smells so nice, as well!


Favorite #3:

Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash.  Another confession, I didn’t love this face wash the first time I used it.  I thought it kind of dried my face out.  However, I started using this face wash every other day and have seen really nice results.  It pulls impurities out of your pores and tightens your skin.  I use a bit of the Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer afterward and  I don’t have any dryness.



I love all of the Radiantly You products that I have tried.