Every time I visit our local natural food store, The Real Food Shoppe, I find products that I had never heard of and look forward to trying.  One visit I came home with Ghee, another time I bought Glee Gum and a That’s It. bar.  All of which get 2 thumbs up!  Another item that I’ve come home from this store with is Wilderness Family Naturals 100% Raw Cacao Powder. WIN_20140706_102834

Maybe I should put it out there that I LOVE chocolate; I mean REALLY…  I may have a problem!  So, with my trying to change things up and live a healthier lifestyle; I have found dessert recipes that have me using raw cacao powder.  This way I can make some chocolate goodies to appease my cravings without devouring eating store bought milk chocolate candy.  The cacao dessert recipes that I found and use are on the Joyous Health blog.

Why choose cacao over cocoa?  My reasons for making the switch are that cacao is RAW and has high ANTIOXIDANT levels.  Cocoa on the other hand is processed and has low if any nutritional value.

Do you have a favorite cacao powder recipe?  Would love to hear about it!