My oldest just finished a week of day camp. He was kept super busy with group activities that were fun and bold. He had done things that pushed his comfort level such as climb rope ladders and a rock wall. On the last day, the parents were invited to come and listen to the kids sing some of the songs they learned plus be present for the certificate presentation. When my youngest and I walked into the auditorium where all the campers and counselors were-we were met with so much enthusiasm in their songs. The kids were jumping and doing some fun “choreographed” arm moves to the music. We were met by my 6 year old with a big smile and hug, happy to see us. He then ran back to his group and rejoined the fun. The joy that everyone exuded while performing the camp songs sort of reminded me of the Lego Movie “Everything is Awesome” song-in a cute way. But then there is my oldest rockin the joy by doing his own thing.

If you notice in the picture I attached below, he is facing the opposite direction of um…everyone else. I honestly, love this. This went on for awhile too and I was the proud parent watching my boy do his own thing. I am also glad that the counselors didn’t feel like they needed to “correct” this. The lovely innocence of childhood. I hope my boys hold onto this for a long long time.

I personally for as long as I can remember have been overly aware and concerned about how others view me-wanting to “fit it”. I fortunately have also just been odd enough to realize-“fitting in” just isn’t going to happen! Ha Ha!

!Gabe Camp 2014