The product that I am about to share with you has inched its way up to become one of my favorite Radiantly You products…yes, a cleaning product!  I am referring to their All Natural (for real-it’s all natural!) Tub Scrub.

Radiantly You is all about getting back to nature and uses the highest quality and organic (when available) ingredients for all  products.  Wondering what the Tub Scrub’s ingredients are, here you go: Sodium Bicarbonate, RY Castile Soap, Sodium Carbonate, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil .  These ingredients combined make an amazing product that does that job, in my experience, better then the chemical laden counterparts!

What I immediately noticed while using this product for the first time was the absence of harsh fumes PLUS my hands didn’t feel like they were on fire after rubbing it around in my sinks and shower.  I no longer feel like I have to clean after I clean now…you know what I mean!

The All Natural Tub Scrub can be used in powder form (sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.) or combined w/ water to form a paste.  I make a paste out of it when I need to clean the glass on our shower doors.  Does a fabulous job too, as you can see in one of my before and after pictures.

Have questions?  Interested in learning more about this product and or Radiantly You?  Visit my site and/or comment below.  Would be happy to help!

RY Tub Scrub (before & after)

 “Before” & “After” of my glass shower door from using the RY All Natural Tub Scrub!