While shopping for books (yes, I still use the paper kind…), I glanced over at a table that had an assortment of cute Back to School type items.  A stack of journals were also on the table.  Guess what happened-an impulse buy!

Honestly though, I’ve been wanting to start up journaling for awhile now.  I just kept putting it off.  I have two young boys that say the funniest and sweetest things that I really should and want to document and save.   Then when they aren’t so little anymore, I can revisit and remember those special moments.

I also want to use my new journal as a place where I can dump all my daily thoughts; my mind never rests! This should help with sorting through what is worth thinking about and what is just clutter.  For my daily journaling, I think if would be beneficial to include a section that lists what I am grateful for.  For those days that seem so trying and nothing is going well, I want to take the time and mention the good things.  Can’t hurt-right!

Do you journal?  What do you like best about keeping one?WIN_20140815_135009 (3)

My cute little journal