If you live in the Indianapolis area you should definitely check out PMK Wellness located in Plainfield, Indiana.

PMK Wellness offers personal training, nutritional counseling, fitness classes, yoga & pilates, athletic performance training, and wellness coaching.

They offer several different packages for personal training and/or nutritional counseling.

Marla and I had the opportunity to sit down with Patrick, the founder of PMK Wellness.  Patrick is a RN and has previously worked in critical care.  One of the reasons he created PMK Wellness was because he didn’t always have the opportunity to form lasting relationships and see his patients get better when he was working at the hospital.  He wanted to do something where he could make a positive difference and help people create healthier lifestyles.

Taking that first step to change your diet and lifestyle can be scary! Patrick is very down to earth, friendly, and committed to helping others.  PMK Wellness is a welcoming place that can help you achieve your goals!

Find out more information by visiting www.pmkwellness.com.