Today I thought it would be fun to post Five of my Favorite things!  This, of course, is in addition to the obvious things like my family and friends.  So here you go!

  • Both Ends Burning -A spectacular organization that advocates for the rights of orphaned children
  • Sweden -Yep, I really did list this!  When I was a Sophomore at Purdue University, I spent a semester there and it was such a wonderful experience.
  • Garlic-YUMMMM!  Love.  What is funny is that my 4 y.o. is also a big fan of garlic.  We both add either some garlic seasoning or minced garlic to our meals.
  • Brandi Carlisle-She is crazy talented!  Her song The Story is ABSOLUTELY amazing!
  • Radiantly You -They have made my decision making so much easier by making products (skin care & cleaning) that are SERIOUSLY all natural.  They put every ingredient they use for a product on the label-how great is that!