There is something about this time of year, with Fall being just around the corner, that makes me want to make wreaths!  Is this normal…ha ha!  Today I want to share with you how I made this book wreath.


What you’ll need:

A Book

Foam Wreath Frame

Hot Glue Gun with a lot of Glue Sticks (be careful while using this)



I like to glue a layer of pages onto at least the back of the wreath to insure none of the foam will be showing.  This isn’t a “must do”, especially since this will be the back and most likely won’t be viewable.  But… you probably would want to if giving as a gift.


Now you are ready to start your first layer!  I did five total layers on the one I just made.  The more layers of folded paper, the fuller it’ll look.  The image below shows how to fold the pages.  I apply some hot glue to each fold on the bottom which help keeps the folds from coming apart.


Each folded page for the first layer will be applied w/ the hot glue to the inner part of the wreath.  I do also add some glue to the front, which helps the first layer take it’s form.  I like having the “rough” side of the page facing up…this would be another preference thing.  Here is what my wreath looks like after applying the first layer.


For the second layer, I apply the folded pages behind the first.  What I do is put this layer between the first layer’s pages.  I bend the bottom 1/2 of the folded page and that is where I put the hot glue.  The top 1/2 of the folded pages are “loose”; this creates a nice comb like/flower look to the wreath.  This image shows how I apply the pages to the wreath behind the first layer.


Just keep adding layers now that you are on a roll!  I did three layers behind the first and then added another layer in front of the first.

Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful finished book wreath!