I am sitting here needing a tissue due to my watching ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.  Yep, crying like a baby you guys.  The daughter opening up to her father about her hurt feelings-seriously, this is like a Hallmark movie!  This show helps me refocus and become motivated to exercise.  I honestly, DO NOT enjoy exercising.  Never have…  What is wrong with me?!

Even though you will never find this girl grinning ear to ear while on an Elliptical machine, I have found a workout that I can easily convince myself to do!  Woot woot!  The funky looking Kettlebell is the exercise tool that I am using.  Have you done a kettlebell workout??? I really dig doing the kettlebell swings.  LIVESTRONG.COM states that the benefits from doing a kettlebell swing workout are Increased Power, Increased Muscular Endurance, Increased Aerobic Capacity, and Increased Anaerobic Capacity.  One of the workouts that I do is this 13ish minute one found on the SkinnyMs. website.  There are sooo many kettlebell workouts available on YouTube too.

Here is my butt kicker!