What is fall and cooler weather without marshmallows?  They go hand in hand in my book!  The drawback is that those lovely puffs of sugar, well are loaded with sugar…  Alas, I came across a DIY for a healthier version of this tasty treat over at wellnessmama.com.  Within the link you will find the instructions so that you can whip up some of your very own marshmallows!

I must admit that I was a little nervous and unsure about this version of marshmallows.  As you can see below in the pictures, they turned out pretty good (for my 1st time) and tasted yummy.  I received thumbs up from my husband and kiddos-success!  I opted to add Wilderness Family Naturals Cacao Powder and really liked the chocolate flavor.  Oh and I didn’t add any of the “optional” probiotics in my marshmallows.  I haven’t ventured over to that level of healthy living yet!

photo 1

At the marshmallow cream phase

photo 2

Finished product!