Now that I am in the know that there are nasty chemicals used in cleaning, beauty, family, etc…… products, it is nice to know that there are some companies that are passionate about making truly natural (non-toxic) products for us.  I’m going to share information in this post about an All Purpose Cleaner that my family has switched to and am so happy with how effective it is.

First though, I went to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website and checked out what score they gave a popular All Purpose Cleaner (what we had used for years).  Not surprised to see that it was given a “D”.  The “D” rating from EWG means High Concern, “Likely hazards to health or the environment”.   So, this upsets me!  I just don’t understand why there are companies that seem to have no regard for human health and the environment.  Guess it’s all about the $$$. 

Anyway…We now use Radiantly You’s All Natural Counter Spray and LOVE it!  We use it to clean our windows, kitchen surfaces, bathroom, and much more.  It does the job WITHOUT the toxic chemicals.  There are only 4 ingredients too!  They are Aqua, Sodium Carbonate, RY Castile Soap, and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.  Thank you Radiantly You!  This product is so good that it actually has been nominated for Better Homes and Gardens Best New Products of 2014. 

All Natural Counter Spray

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