I just came across this idea and wanted to share!  Easy DIY’s are my favorite and that is exactly what this one is.  So let’s get started!

Decongestent Shower Disks-What you need:

Box of Baking Soda

Radiantly You’s Natural Herbal Decongestant (Petroleum Free & 100% Natural)

Cup of Warm Water

Bowl for Mixing

Silicone Molds or Muffin Liners




First warm up a cup of water (I used the microwave and heated for around 2 minutes).  Now you put a teaspoon+ of the Natural Herbal Decongestant into the warm water and mix until dissolved.

You should go ahead and pour the baking soda into your bowl.  Once you have done that, start adding the water and decongestant mixture into the bowl.  Add just enough where the mixture of baking soda and liquid turns into a putty-like paste.

Now you are ready to spoon the mixture into your molds or muffin liners and let sit for 12-18 hours


Once they are solid, take one into the shower with you and place on the floor.  The disk will melt away while the shower is filled with the fantastic vapor!