I am a mom of two boys that are 6 and 5 years old. We are at the stage where I hear my echo. Anyone else feel like their words of instruction go through one ear and out the other with their kiddos? My oldest especially has this problem of either not hearing or simply not listening to anything I say. Love him, just wish I didn’t have to repeat myself so often! So…I came across some suggestions for this dilemma from the Dr. Sears website. The article is appropriately called “25 ways to talk to children so they will listen”! I am listing the ones that I’ll be trying (stat) below:

Stay Brief
What he suggests is to put your main directive out there first. Basically the more you go on and on about something, “the more likely your child is to become parent-deaf”. This is so spot on for me! My oldest has become “parent-deaf”.

Ask Your Child to Repeat the Request Back to You
“If he can’t, it’s too long or too complicated”

Speak Psychologically Correctly
My take away from this is to switch from “You” messages which can come across as accusing to “I” messages. Say “I need you to…” rather then “You need to…”
Worth a try!

Write It
“Reminders can evolve into nagging so easily”
Now that both boys can pick up on and read simple words, I think this will work well for us. Instead of my telling them multiple times to clean the playroom or put clothes away…I will write a note so they can just check it off. Nice!