I first heard about this acupressure mat a few months ago and purchased a full size one last week when I saw that the Food Babe had a 10% off code.  So what is the Spook Acupressure Massage Mat?  From their website:

“Spoonk is based on the principles of acupressure and Japanese Shiatsu massage. The mat stimulates specific reflex points throughout the body, releases blocked energy, eases tense muscles, and creates deep mental and physical relaxation. Benefits include increased level of energy, reduced inflammation and pain, improved and deeper sleep.”

This mat has 6210 acupressure stimulation points (!) with the purpose of increasing circulation and relaxing stiff muscles and decrease pain.

I have been using mine in both the morning and before I go to bed at night.  In the morning, I stand on my Spoonk Mat for a few minutes for a NICE foot massage.  Oh my goodness-love how this feels!  I was thinking how I would love slippers made out of this-ha!


In the evenings I roll my mat and use as a head rest to help with tension in my neck.  Then I unroll it and lie down on it with my back against the Spoonk to further help with relaxation and prepare me for sleep.

There are other uses such as to use after yoga or exercise and abdominal massage.

You definately want to use these mats with care since the stimulation points are sharp.  Here are Spoonks words of caution,

“If you are or could be pregnant, have unregulated high blood pressure, suffer from any bleeding disorder, have any type of neuropathy, are on a blood thinning medication (except aspirin), or suffer from any kind of skin inflammation/infection, you should not use our acupressure mat. You can use the Spoonk™ mat, with appropriate caution, if you have high blood pressure and it has been well regulated by medication from your doctor.

If you have sensitive skin, heart failure, and/or arrhythmia (heart), or any other serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this product.

If you suffer from seizures, please use the mat in the company of an adult who is capable of helping you off the mat in the event of a seizure attack.”

You can view the FAQS here.