We just celebrated Groundhog Day, and let me tell you, this was important business in my house!  We had a lot of discussions about what that silly groundhog was doing!  Have you ever seen the movie, Groundhog Day?  You know where they kept experiencing the same day over and over.  I am going to be linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share our ideal Groundhog Day!

Show and Tell - Groundhog Day

Here is my ideal day!

1.  We would wake up around 8 am to a perfect fall day, which was around 62 degrees.  Perfect for jeans, a hoodie, and flip flops :)

2.  My husband would make us all pancakes and bacon.  And coffee, of course.

3.  After breakfast we would relax around the house for a while.  The kids would be content playing together – no fighting, crying, or arguing and my husband and I would chat on the couch.

4.  We would head out to do a fun activity such as the zoo or apple orchard.  Again, the kids would be perfectly peaceful, LOL!

5.  We would go out to dinner and enjoy some delicious food and a glass of wine.

6.  We would come home and relax on the couch watching movies.  Of course the maid had been there while we were gone, so everything is put away and clean.  (This is my fantasy day, right? Then I get a maid.  She does laundry too!)

7.  My husband and I would put the kids to bed and enjoy some alone time on the couch! More wine would be involved!



I love every day I get to spend with these 4!