Bok Choy is a green leafy vegetable that is a member of the cabbage family.  I like how nutrient rich it is, including vitamins C, A, & K.  I had gotten a wild hair earlier in the week and decided to buy some to prepare at home.  As you have read before, this whole cooking thing is somewhat new to me.  I am diving in though and am realizing that it isn’t all that painful-ha!

With my bok choy, I decided to sautè it in some coconut oil w/ some minced garlic.  Love garlic! Within a few minutes my side dish of bok choy was  ready and boy was it delicious!

How to make:

~Seperate the bok choy leafy green tops from the white stalk


~Cut up both the greens and stalk


~Heat 1 tbsp coconut oil (or oil of choice) in a large skillet over medium heat

~Add 1-2 cloves of minced garlic, keep stirring so doesn’t burn

~Add the white stalks and sautè for a couple minutes, stirring occasionally

~Add the bok choy leafy greens and continue sautèing until the greens are wilted and the stalks are crisp, around 2-3 additional minutes

~Season w/ Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt