When I was first diagnosed w/ an autoimmune disease, I switched to a Paleo diet.  After doing a crazy amount of online research, I learned about the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP).  For those w/ autoimmune diseases, the purpose of this diet is to heal the immune system and gut by removing immune triggers and calming inflammation in your body.  This diet is very restrictive but nutrient dense.  To learn more about the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, click here.

These have been a great resource to have.  They let me know what foods are okay and which are to be avoided while doing the AIP diet.

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With this new way of eating, it has been necessary to experiment w/ foods and find recipes that follow the protocol.  I made a Parsnip & Leek Soup the other day and it was DELICIOUS!  I was surprised to be honest!    I found the recipe over at the Paleo Cajun Lady blog.

Put some crumbled bacon on top-so good!