You know what is therapeutic to me, getting my hot glue gun out and doing a craft! That is exactly what I did this week too.  I made a front door wreath out of colorful magazine pages.

How do you like it?


I think it turned out nicely!


All that you need to make yourself a similar wreath are:

*Hot glue gun w/ several glue sticks

*Magazines that have colorful pages

You can definately come up w/ a different look for your wreath; I choose to go w/ a “sunburst” style.

Let’s begin:

Have your glue gun warm and ready

Tear out the pages you want to use and place in a pile

Take a magazine page and on the verticle (long) side, in aproximately 1 inch folds, start folding until get to the end.  Apply some hot glue to keep the page folded.

Continue making these until you have as many as needed

To make the little “flower” circles.  Fold the magazine pages along the horizontal (short) side.  Glue the side now.  Now you start rolling one end until you get to the other side; glue to hold in place.


The picture looks a little funny but you get the idea!

Now you are ready to put your wreath together!

I simply took two of the long folded pieces and glued the ends together then glued a “flower” between them.  I kept doing this until it was the shape that I was wanting.