Show and Tell Banner Names

Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to discuss how we chose our kids’ names.  We always knew that we wanted to incorporate family names into our children’s monikers.

1.  Allan Joseph:

Allan was named after my dad, who passed away in 1999, and my Grandpa Joe.  It was funny because the whole time I was pregnant with him we planned on calling him A.J.  His scrapbook says “Welcome baby A.J.”  However, once he was born, it just felt right to call him Allan, so the nickname A.J. never stuck!


2.  Cameron Walter:

Cameron is named after Ryan’s Grandpa Walt.  Cameron is just a name that we both liked.  When you have the second child of the same sex, you have pretty much discussed many of the options already, and Cameron was THE ONLY name we could agree on.  In fact, if Cameron had been a girl she would have been named Camryn.


3.  Breanne Catherine:

It was a bit harder to decide on a name for Breanne.  I liked the names Sloanne, Suzanne, Jillian, Makenzie, and Megan.  We kept running into the issue of not liking potential nicknames, such as Suzy for Suzanne.  I also wasn’t sure people would be able to say and spell Sloanne correctly.  (Which is funny, because EVERYONE calls Breanne… Brianna)  We kept coming back to names with Anne in them and thought that would be perfect since my mom, my grandma, and Ryan’s mom all have Ann as their middle name.  We came across the name Breanne and I liked the nickname Bre, as well as the full name.  Bre’s middle name is for Ryan’s Grandma Catherine.


So, there you have it! How our children got their names.  I love the process of naming kids and would have 3 more kids just to get the chance to name them, LOL!