As I was skimming through a book (which is how I seem to read books now) I came across a section highlighting the importance of establishing a written set of values and rules for your family.  Meaning the parents need to be in agreement w/ what they (values and rules) are and then make sure that the children understand what these are and there is buy in.

After reading this section of the book, I am now ready to put this into place w/ our family.  Our boys have an idea of what are values and rules are through observation and our mentioning what is not appropriate.  I think it would be great for our family to come together to communicate what it is that our family believes in (for example: Respect for one another and Honesty at all times). Also share what we each should aim for w/ our day to day behavior and actions (the rules).  I know that one of our rules will be about screen time.  This will help my youngest son because currently he thinks this should be unlimited (um-nope).

My oldest son thrives w/ structure so I think having weekly family meetings to go over our family values and rules as a step in the right direction for sure!  This will also be a time where we can discuss any issues.  What a great way to establish open and honest family communication!  I also see how this can build upon the relationship between our boys.  They’ll learn how to better communicate their feelings to each other.  Less arguments?  Fingers crossed!