We had a great time on our cruise last April.  As first time cruisers, we learned a few tips that made our trip go smoothly!  I will definitely pack these items again!

1.  Over the door hooks

You can pop these onto the closet doors and have a place to hang clothing!

2.  Shoe organizer

We used this to organize all of our toiletries.  It was so convenient to see everything in one spot!

3.  Push lights

You need to put your room key in the card reader in order to turn the lights on in your cabin.  These little lights will come in handy!

4.  Towel clips

It gets very windy out at sea.  If you want to keep your towels from flying into the pool, I suggest you bring a few of these clips!

5.  Phone charger

This charger allows you to charge up to 5 iPads! It was a life saver for our family!