May is Lyme Disease Awareness month.  Since May is almost over, felt pulled to talk a wee bit about Lyme.  A couple weeks ago I was notified by my doctor that I have Lyme.  Even though this stinks BIG time and I’ve had quite a few break downs (you know, poor me stuff), I am SO grateful that my doctor was persistant about my being tested for Lyme!  She really felt, based upon some symptoms that I’ve been having, that I needed to be tested using the IgenX lyme test.  This is a more sensitive and accurate test.  I thought my brain fog and exhaustion was due to my autoimmune disease (Grave’s).  Who knows how long I would have gone undiagnosed if it hadn’t been for her knowledge of Lyme.  I don’t recall any recent tick bites (no bulls eye rash) so don’t know how long I’ve had this.

Please check for ticks.  If you find one attached, be sure to remove it properly and place the tick in a plastic bag to send for testing.  Disinfect the area where bitten and wash hands.  You should immediately contact your doctor.