So, after my 3rd round of pink eye, I finally wised up and realized I needed to throw out all of my makeup! Apparently I continued to reinfect myself with my makeup! I had previously only replaced my eyeliner and mascara, but figured I should throw it ALL out, just to be safe.  Since I needed to purchase many items, I wanted to purchase a brand that wouldn’t break the bank.  I had previously purchased and reviewed Pacifica makeup and so I decided to place an online order.



I purchased a BB cream, eye brightener, concealer, eye liner, powder, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow and 2 body butters.  While I am happy with the products, I failed to check them out on before hand.  This site has safety information about cosmetics.  It rates the cosmetics on a number scale according to whether or not the ingredients are non toxic.  The lower the number, the better.  I am not sure why I didn’t check the website before I made my purchase, but I was unable to find much information about the specific products that I bought.  It appears that the Pacifica brand, in general, has products with ratings ranging from 1-8.  While Pacifica advertises as 100% vegan, cruelty free, and natural, they clearly use some questionable ingredients upon further investigation.

Even though I know better, I was in a hurry and wanted the convenience of ordering something quickly.  I failed to do the proper research.  I am definitely going to use the products I purchased, but the next time I am in the market for cosmetics, I will be visiting before hand! There are many brands out there with a low toxicity rating! Some of them may surprise you.  For example, the brand E.L.F., which is very inexpensive and found at your local drug store, has many products with low ratings!

I have learned my lesson and hope this serves as a helpful reminder to you too!