Okay, so Alaena Haber over at the blog Grazed and Enthused is brilliant!  I’ve tried some of her AIP friendly recipes and am always pleased w/ the results but her Prosciutto Strombolli is AMAZING good!  My husband loves them.  I mean, singing praises loves them.  Instead of the Prosciutto, for his I add sliced turkey meat.

The recipe is super easy and only needs a a few ingredients.  Check out her recipe here.  For ours, I did change up the recipe a little.  Instead of the white sweet potato, used 1 green plantain.  I also switched out the tapioca flour for arrowroot flour (same measurement).

I was able to find 3 green plantains at a Super Target the other day and my husband was excited, knowing what they’ll be used for.  Ha!