I had not given much thought, until recently, to my lymphatic system.  With my working hard to improve my health, heightened since being diagnosed w/ an autoimmune disease and lyme disease, I’ve learned of this system’s importance.

From Cleveland Clinic’s website:

“Lymph is a clear or slightly yellowish watery fluid whose job is to remove bacteria and certain kinds of proteins from tissues, to transport fat from the small intestine, and to supply the bloodstream with the mature white blood cells (lymphocytes)that are made in bone marrow. Lymph is circulated through the body by lymphatic vessels, which are similar to blood vessels.
White blood cells and the lymphatic system are important parts of the immune system, helping the body rid itself of germs, cells or foreign matter that could cause disease.”

I’m currently taking antibiotics (please gut stay healthy!) with the hope that all those nasty lyme bacteria will die off.  Since the lymphatic system collects toxins, I want to help it out by doing some things that can help keep it from becoming sluggish or backed up.

I am using my dry brush more often before I jump in the shower.  This is said to help clear your skin pores allowing the toxins to escape your body easier.  It also can stimulate the lymphatic system.

I had my first lymphatic massage last week and LOVED it!  Before making my appointment, I called and made sure there was a massage therapist that was specialized in this.

I bought a used but very nice mini trampoline for rebounding.  What a fun way to help get my lymph moving!  I rebound for 10 minutes 3 times a day.