Doing this AIP (Autoimmune Protocal) diet wears on me sometimes.  It just isn’t easy!  I’ve been following this diet for around 6 months now.  For the most part I roll with it and have accepted that how I feel now from eating this way is SO worth not having the ease of eating that I once had.  As I was telling Dawn this morning after getting the kiddos on the bus, yesterday was one of my rough days.  I just wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to have to spend time in the kitchen making a meal for myself.  I mean, wanting to act like a toddler and stomp my feet in protest stuff!

I bucked up though and sautéd some veggies and tried out an AIP crusty bread recipe I found online earlier that day.  Glad I pulled my self together because the bread was FANTASTIC.  With AIP being grain free, finding a recipe that allows me to have comfort food like bread equals one super HAPPY girl!  Click here for the recipe.

Look at this loaf of bread!



In order to make this style of food while on the AIP diet, I have needed to purchase various types of grain free flours.  The two that I have used the most are Arrowroot and Coconut flour.  The two newer additions are Cassava and Tigernut flours.  I’ve been really impressed and pleased w/ the Cassava.  Since buying it, I’ve made tortillas, soft-pretzel bites and the crusty bread that I mentioned earlier.

My flour


Even though eating this way isn’t easy, there are some awesome and creative  AIP food bloggers that I appreciate so much.  With their recipe creations, I have been able to add back some of my favorite foods that are a healthier version!

Me w/ the pretzel bites I made recently.  Click here for recipe.