I am now the owner of these very stylish (okay, not so much) orange glasses.  Why do I have these?  Well, I’ve read that blue light in the evening can mess up our circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.  I’ve been having some sleep issues and my way of improving my sleep prior to these glasses was by being unpluggged by 8 pm.  I was avoiding the blue light that came from my phone, laptop and tv.  That was rough.  I missed my evening zone out tv time.  It worked but I wanted another option.

I read over at Wellness Mama about orange glassses and how they can help w/ sleep issues.  I ordered the exact same ones that she wears.  You can read all the scientific stuff about orange glasses and find out her brand recommendations here.

I used my pair for the first time last night.  Watched tv until 10:30 pm and was able to fall asleep easily.  Orange glasses for the win!