I read an article a few days ago about how in Norway, they actually enjoy the colder months and it explained the how and why of this perplexing way of being.  I for one have had the “oh, man…I hate winter” mindset for my whole adult life.  I know I’m not alone in this.  I hear similar feelings every winter from family, friends, and strangers.

So, reading this article was a big eye opener for me.  I don’t have to hate winter.  I can think about all the things that I like about these months (soup, Christmas/winter events, having the fireplace on, etc.) and what I can do that would make me better embrace the cold (get snow pants!).  With the snow pants, my goal is to actually go on walks during winter.  It was almost painful to type that!  I know I can do this and getting out more will be good for me; get some good fresh air and soak up what Vitamin D I can.

Bring on the cold, I’m ready to love ya!  {I think…}